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September 20, 2008 - STREATOR,ILLINOIS,USA

David H. Hudson |
I enjoyed every message I received from this site. Like so many others here, I have a deep admiration for the courage and sacrifice of the uboat crews.

September 16, 2008 - Seattle, WA, USA

jlegae |
Kindly explain on what happened to the Rassian U-Boat that drownd in the resend years.

September 5, 2008 - South Africa, Mafikeng, Ramatlabama

Harry Rubin |
David, as I told you earlier I think this is one of the best web sites I have seen for good information. Someone in your organization did a lot of work on it to make it so useful. Look at my web site at and you will see that I am in the middle of writing the 4th novel in a series that puts a small US Navy Crew into harms way and the cruise of a fictional U-Boat in 1945 is important to the story. Again, a web site well done. Thank you for the knowledge you passsed on to me.

July 26, 2008 - Georgia, USA

Frank |
The U-boats were ultimately defeated by a combination of technology and sheer industrial might, but the bravery, determination and professionalism of their crews deserves the recognition that your website provides. Please keep up the good work for their sakes as well as ours.

July 14, 2008 - Ely, England

Fernando ARANEDA |
In this province we had most of the crew people of the scuttled ADMIRAL GRAF von SPEE. There are at least around here no more survivors, same happened with former Vets. from the PanzerGruppe Afrika as well as a couple of the Deutsches Afrika Korps. I miss them all, I used to enjoy a chat with them as well as having a "few" drinks of our fine local red wine... It is almost nothing I know about your association hence I would like to know some more about your survivors. I remain looking forward to hearing from you. Regards, FERNANDO.


Col. Terry Thomas |
Really great website re: this era of Kreigsmarine. Thanks!

July 2, 2008 - San Diego, CA.

De Vuyst Guido |
really good site about the time from this boots
excellent works

June 30, 2008 - Belgium

Kevin Wood |
I'm really gong to miss the newsletter. A great source of info. I'm amazed how much I didn't know!

June 29, 2008 - Yorkshire, UK

Lee Campbell |
Very interesting articles!One can only have the greatest respect and admiration for the life and times of these submariners!

June 29, 2008 - New River New Brunswick

William May |
Are there any recipe books out featuring U-Boat meals? There must have been formal training for the cooks, and books of recipes for use at sea. Did any of these survive?

June 12, 2008 - Tucson, Arizona

Eddie Graham |
My passion is U Boats and I found a lot of info here. The U Boat designs were far ahead of the allies and this is what is so exciting. Great site. Many Thanx

May 28, 2008 - Windhoek Namibia

Eric |
I love this site!! I am always so happy to receive the newsletter every week. Keep up the excellent work!!

May 21, 2008 - Texas,USA

Joćo Guimarćes Garcia |
Great site that has me on my toes waiting eagerly for the next newsletter to arrive. Carry on with the excellent work. We“ll be here to support you. All the best, yours


May 14, 2008 - Faro,Portugal

Theo |
informative site, good constructed and with easy access.
Info to Mary E. Callan: ISBN 3-8132-0841-9

In german language only. Probably I can further help towards your needs& goals.
My father was aboard U622 & U450.
My private e-mail:

May 1, 2008 - Bruehl,Germany

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U-995 German Type VIIC U-Boat

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