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Michael Gannon |
Great site. I have been interested in Uboats for years and your informative site adds to the excitement of discovery. I had the fortune to be able to visit the Uboat at the Science Museum in Chicago. The memory of that visit and the information that your site provides , makes the Uboat and its crew come back to life. Thanks.

March 23, 2007 - Philadelphia, PA, USA

Graham McKee |
First class information

March 8, 2007 - Glasgow, Scotland

Kevin durkin |
I love to read about this very interesting subject.Thank you for doing it.

March 7, 2007 - Mass.

Jean-NoŽl MULLER |
First-class job, Lawrence ! Lot of thanks.

March 7, 2007 - Versailles - FRANCE

Joaquin |
Congratulations for the web site, since I discovered it, I've learnt tactics that I'm using successfully when I run "Silent Hunter III (very good simulator)

March 3, 2007 - Seville, Spain

Dale B. Porter |
I really enjoy your website and newsletters. I am a history buff and your site has taught me quite a lot. Keep up the great work!

March 1, 2007 - Arkansas, USA

Christopher Lajoie |
I am yet to find anywhere else on the web where such a thorough collection of u-boat topics exists. The passion of authors is evident in the exacting details of each article. Also, the site does not make war glamorous, but pays appropriate honors to the young brave men who gave their lives.

March 1, 2007 - Massachusetts, USA

Russell Wallace Hudson |
Can anyone provide the whereabouts of Herbert Werner who wrote Iron Coffins? I read the book many years ago and have often wondered what happened to him.

February 3, 2007 - South Hill, VA

alison |
Dont think im sad but while in the cemertery i noticed a young mans grave stone and it struck me that he had lost his life aboard HMS COURAGEOUS and i couldent get it off my mind so i went on the internet and found your site.I guess i just needed to know .Thankyou for having your site.

October 8, 2006 - ST-HELENS,ENGLAND

Saskia |
Hi there!!
I'm very much interested in U-Boats, although I'm a woman of 25. Seems to be quite rare that women are interested in U-Boats. Of course it all started with Das Boot :-D !!
I love this website! Sad that I found it only recently, but I'm so glad that I did!
Everything on this site is so interesting, so I couldn't tell what I liked least.
I come here very often!
Thank you so much for this wonderful site!!!

September 27, 2006 - Venlo, the Netherlands

Brian Rich |
Thank you for a great site! It was a tremendous help while bulding my Revell U- 552 in 1/72 scale..


September 26, 2006 - Chattanooga, TN

Jim Balsley |
Great web site. Where are the Museums or Memorials located ? Jim

September 15, 2006 - California

Ard Grootjans |
Good site with detailed information.
pitty the dont mension kaptain leutn HARTENSTEIN at all

September 8, 2006 - Middelburg, Holland

Derek croke. |
well done, keep up the good work.

September 3, 2006 - plymouth u.k.

Liu Yang |
This is Liu Yang from China.Thanks for webmaster and this wonderful site.
I also have a uboat site:
Welcome to visit!

August 30, 2006 - P.R.China

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