The U-217 photographed from the U-118. The U-217 was lost with all hands in June 1943...
The U-217, a Type VIID is seen here photographed from the U-118. She sank the steamship MV Rhexenor on 3rd Feburary 1943. The U-217 itself was sunk with all hands on 5th June 1943.

More on the sinking of MV Rhexenor

With thanks to Gerard Walker.

Note from Olli Havo: Note the sub in the pic is a type IX (A or B) due to the pattern of the floodholes (3 + 5) which were present in Type IXA/B/C hulls. The mine carrying compartment is also missing from the photo, indicating that it cannot be a Type VIID. A 37mm flak is visible in the aft section of the deck. The type VIIDs did not carry a 37mm flak.

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