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U-Boat Historical Battles

This section covers famous historical battles of the U-boat war and the Battle of the Atlantic. New battles are constantly being added, so please check back often. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when a new battle is being added. You are welcome to contribute any articles by using the Contact Us form. All credits will be given.

Contents of this chapter

Sinking of U-187 - Mar 10, 2006
The U-187, a Type IXC/40 under the command of KL Ralph Munnich departed Kiel on its first war patrol on 12th January 1943. Shortly after departure, BdU received intelligence reports...

Sinking of HMS Courageous - Dec 11, 2005
On September 15 1939, a convoy contact was made due west of the English Channel, in an area the British called the Western Approaches. The sea lanes were abuzz with traffic...

Sinking of SS Athenia - Nov 19, 2005
The first shots of the Battle of the Atlantic was fired on September 3rd 1939, by Fritz Julius Lemp of U-30, a Type VIIA U-boat while on patrol in the northwestern sector of Ireland...

Sinking of HMS Barham - Nov 2, 2005
During the Second World War, the British possessed the most powerful navy in the world indeed many battleships were attacked during the war, but only three were ever sunk. The HMS Royal Oak...

Battle of Scapa Flow - Oct 21, 2005
The Battle of Scapa Flow is especially poignant because of its connection to the German scuttling of its High Seas Fleet at the end of the First World War and the false sense of security...

    Contents of this chapter
  1. Introduction
  2. Scuttling of the German High Seas Fleet
  3. The Defenses of Scapa Flow
  4. The Mission
  5. Foray into Scapa Flow
  6. Attack on the Royal Oak
  7. Retreat from Scapa Flow
  8. Celebration in Berlin
  9. Impact of the Raid
  10. Wreck Diving in Scapa Flow

Laconia Incident - Sept 23, 2005
The story of the Laconia Incident began on the morning of September 12 1942. U-156 was on patrol in the South Atlantic, off the bulge of West Africa, midway between Liberia...

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