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U-Boat and Submarine Scale Model Gallery

U-Boat and Submarine Scale Model Gallery features a collection of model u-boats and submarines of Germany and other nations.

Scale modelling is a very delicate hobby and also a very rewarding one. I own some of these models myself and some others are submitted by visitors.

We welcome quality submissions of u-boat or submarine scale model photos. If you have a hand built model, please feel free to submit your work to be included in this scale model gallery. Galleries are automatically rotated everyday so everyone gets their turn at the top. (No diecast or art galleries please).

Scale Model Galleries

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U-Boot Type 206 German Diesel Electric Submarine
Modeler: John Shum

This is a Revell 1/144 scale of the Type 206A. It is modeled after S-177 of the Bundesmarine.

Kit comes complete in a beautiful glass display case, with engraved details, sail with conning station, and a full array of optional position periscopes and antennae masts.

U-Boat Type XXIII U-Boat
Modeler: David Oearn

ICM model, 1/144 scale of U-2322, Type XXIII U-Boat.

The smaller cousin to the revolutionary Type XXI, this u-boat was designed for coastal patrols. It had two externally loaded torpedos, which meant that reloading at sea was impossible.

U-Boat Type XXI Elektroboat U-3504
Modeler: David Oearn

Revell 1/144 scale of U-3504, a Type XXI U-Boat.

The most advanced submarine of its time, and the world's first true submarine whose natural habitat was in the depths. Only two had entered service by the end of the war.

This was a very nice kit to build. All parts fitted together nicely and the build...

U-Boot Type XXIII Elektroboat
Modeler: Roberto Colaianni

This is a Special Navy 1/72 type XXIII, with Revell crews.

The Type XXIII was a small coastal "elekroboot".

Armed with only 2 non-reloadable (from inside) torpedo tube, was much less effective than its bigger cousin, the Type XXI...

U-Boat Type VIIC U-82
Modeler: Roberto Colaianni

This is the Revell 1/72 Revell kit. Built with minor modification to the conning tower and opening the water flood pattern.

The figure are metal Hecker and Goros U boot crews. I decided to represent the U-82, an early type VII C submarine.

U-Boot Type XXI Elektroboat U-3501
Modeler: Roberto Colaianni

U-3501 has been built out of the box except for the conning tower, side stairs, rebuild in copper wire.

The crane is an old Airfix kit almost completely rebuild.

U-47 Radio Controlled
Modeler: John Platt

This scrath built model was made in the 1970's. It was the first UK radio controlled model that dived and fired torpedoes.

Submarine Type XXI U-3504
Modeler: Klos Ji

Model Revell scale 1:144

If you have a model submarine or warship, then we welcome your submission for inclusion into the gallery.

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U-995 German Type VIIC U-Boat

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