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Video Library

Very captivating and rarely seen footage of German U-Boats and their crew. Filmed during World War 2, these material are rarely seen as they are hard to come by.

All video footage is in .wmv format, so you will need Windows Media Player to read them. In order to keep the file sizes small, the video has been highly compressed, but the full DVD version is in full screen with good audio and video quality.

To download a footage, right click on the image and select "Save Target As".

Video Library of the U-Boat War

German S-Boat Depth Charge a Soviet Sub

(395KB - 30 seconds)

Flak Attack on Soviet Aircraft

(1.26MB - 32 seconds)

U-Boat Deck Gun Attack

(693KB - 17 seconds)

U-Boat Under Aircraft Attack

(1.16MB - 29 seconds)

U-Boat Returns After War Patrol

(891KB - 31 seconds)

U-Boat Returns After War Patrol 2

(1.31MB - 31 seconds)

Admiral Karl Donitz

(1.69MB - 42 seconds)

Otto Kretschmer

(1.33MB - 33 seconds)

Gunther Prien

(1.23MB - 30 seconds)

Inside a Type VIIC U-Boat

(1.09MB - 59 seconds)

Hecht Midget Submarine

(4.62MB - 32 seconds)

U-995 German Type VIIC U-Boat

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