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U-Boat Articles

This section covers various topics of the U-boat war and the Battle of the Atlantic that don't fall into any particular category. New articles are constantly being added, so please check back often. Also, you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed when a new article is being added. You are welcome to contribute any articles by using the Contact Us form. All credits will be given.

Contents of this chapter

U-Boats in the Far East - Apr 9, 2006
The main theatre of the U-boat offensive was in the North Atlantic, but U-boats had actually operated in every ocean in the world except for the Antartic. Learn about the operation in the Far East, including Gruppe Monsun, the German and Italian transport boats and their ultimate in these operations...

    Contents of this chapter
  1. Introduction
  2. German Interest in the Far East
  3. Italian Transport Submarines - Aquila and Merkator
  4. Gruppe Monsun Boats
  5. German Transport Boats
  6. Fate of the Far Eastern Boats

Most Successful U-Boat Attacks - Added Feb 12, 2006
This section portrays the most notable successes by commander, most successful boats, missions and attacks against warships. The top five aces, for example, were responsible for more than 1 million tons of Allied devastation and almost 200 ships...

U-Boat Museum and Exhibits - Added Jan 5, 2006
If you have always wondered what it was like inside a U-boat, then there are still a few remaining places in the world where you can visit a U-boat. This section provides a listing of U-boat museums and exhibits around the world...

U-Boat Bunkers - Added Dec 29, 2005
The origin of U-boat bunkers trace back to the period of First World War, where it was hardly a bunker at all. Along with the submarine, the First World War saw the introduction of yet another dominant weapon in the battlefield – the airplane...

The German Naval Grid System - Added Dec 6, 2005
Rather than use the navigational standard of latitude and longitude to denote globe locations, the Germans devised their own Naval Grid System...

Wooden Torpedoes - The German Crisis - Added Dec 5, 2005
A U-boat was built for one purpose only – and that was to torpedo enemy ships. If it failed in this, then it failed in its mission. And the weapon of choice of U-boat commanders is the torpedo, for which there is no other alternative ...

Escaping from a Sunken U-Boat - Added Nov 20, 2005
There can be no doubt that U-boats dealt out death and suffering to many sailors, and many of their victims died under horrible circumstances from burns, wounds, exhaustion and drowning. By the same token, U-boat crews themselves suffered ...

Life Aboard a U-Boat - Added Oct 6, 2005
No other vessel of war presented poorer living conditions than that of a U-boat. Each war patrol could take anywhere between three weeks to six months. During this time, U-boat crews were not able to bathe, shave or change their clothes...

The Only War Criminal - Added Oct 1, 2005
Throughout the entire Second World War, the Kriegsmarine had only one U-boat commander convicted of war crimes. KL Heinz Wilhelm Eck of U-852 was indicted and sentenced to death...

Rocket U-Boat Program - Added Sept 16, 2005
The idea of the rocket U-boat was conceived as early as 1941, at Germany’s top secret rocket research center, Peenemunde. This led to some trials in the summer of 1942 whereby...

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