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Imperial Japanese Navy Page
Contains photos, statistics, background, and links, including aircraft carriers, battleships, heavy and light cruisers, and submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy. - Oct 23, 2005
U Boat War 1939-1943
Describes the history of the U Boat War from 1939-1943, including photos and other prominent events. - Oct 30, 2005
U-Boats of the Reich
Features the history of German U-boats, including technical information, flotillas, the commanders, combat history and photos. - Oct 1, 2007
World War II Air Power
Describes the missions, tactics and weapons of strategic bombing during WW2, including the development of missiles, rockets, advanced aircraft and other weapons and equipment. - Nov 1, 2005
Achtung Panzer
Describes the history of tanks and people of the Panzertruppe during World War II. - Nov 2, 2005
Torpedo Junction Military Books
Specializing in Submarine and U-Boat books from the earliest generation to the modern nuclear submarines of today, including an inventory of rare and out of print military books. - Dec 19, 2005
Military Images
Provides a feature to upload and discuss military photos, quizzes, blogs and e-cards. Currently contains over 8,000 military photos of various genre; from handheld weapons to missiles, famous personalities to medals, and many others. - Nov 3, 2005
Capture of the U-505
First person account of the capture of the U-505 Submarine in 1944. - Jul 31, 2005
The Sinking of the Junyo Maru
Information on this ship which was torpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S Tradewind with 2300 Dutch, British, American and Australian POWs and 4200 Javanese slave labourers aboard. - Aug 1, 2005
German King Tiger Tank
Development history, photos, technical specification and combat service of the King Tiger Tank. - Aug 1, 2005

U-995 German Type VIIC U-Boat

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