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U-Boat Insignia & Emblems

U-1014 thru U-1028

U-1014   U-1015   U-1016   U-1017   U-1019   U-1020   U-1022   U-1023   U-1024   U-1028  

U-1014 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: Mar 14 1944 Fate: Sunk Date: Feb 4 1945
U-1014 emblem

U-1015 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: Mar 23 1944 Fate: Training loss Date: May 19 1944
U-1015 emblem

U-1016 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: Apr 4 1944 Fate: Scuttled Date: May 5 1945
U-1016 emblem

U-1017 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: Apr 13 1944 Fate: Sunk Date: Apr 28 1945
U-1017 emblem

U-1019 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: May 4 1944 Fate: Surrendered Date: May 29 1945
U-1019 emblem

U-1020 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: May 17 1944 Fate: Operational loss Date: Early Jan 1945
U-1020 emblem

U-1022 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: Jun 7 1944 Fate: Surrendered Date: May 30 1945
U-1022 emblem

U-1023 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: Jun 15 1944 Fate: Surrendered Date: May 10 1945
U-1023 emblem

U-1024 - Type VIIC/41
Commissioned: Jun 28 1944 Fate: Sunk Date: Apr 13 1945
U-1024 emblem

U-1028 - Type
Commissioned: Uncompleted Fate: Scuttled Date: May 1945
U-1028 emblem

U-1014 thru U-1028

U-995 German Type VIIC U-Boat

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