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Naval Forces

The U-Boat Bases
Large cache of information about the U-boat bases of the second world war in France, including photos, maps, descriptions and history for each base. - Sep 23, 2005
Deutschland/Lützow & Admiral Scheer & Admiral Graf Spee
Features the armoured warships and heavy cruisers Deutschland, Admiral Scheer and Admiral Graf Spee. Find stories, photographs, technical details, drawings, models, discussion forum and much more. - Sep 23, 2005
German Naval History
Brief history, line drawings and specifications covering the major warships of the German Navy of World War 1 and 2. Also features a small photo section on scale models and personal reviews of naval war games. - Sep 25, 2005
U-Boat Archive
Provides records and photographs of the U-boat War, unfolding the events of the battle between Germany's U-boats and the Allied ASW forces that opposed them during World War II. - Oct 3, 2005
Canonesa, Convoy HX72 & U-100
Describes the unfolding of a U-boat attack against an allied merchant convoy during the Battle of the Atlantic, and provides tribute to the merchant navy and seamen during World War 2. - Oct 3, 2005
The Longest Patrol
Fully researched book, documentented and indexed history of a U-953 crewman who served under Knight's Cross winner Karl-Heinz Marbach. - Jul 15, 2006
Features a wealth of information about U-boat history, technology, propaganda information and historical battles. (German language) - Oct 3, 2005
The U-Boat War
Provides U-Boat history including the equipment, flotilla, bases, artwork and propaganda information between 1935 and 1945. - Oct 4, 2005
Describes American submarine operations during World War II, including articles, links, a discussion forum, books, submarine merchandise and lots of other great stuff. - Oct 5, 2005
HMS Royal Oak
Dedicated to the 833 men who lost their lives, including the survivors, video footage, photos, memorabilia and other related information. - Oct 5, 2005
U Boot Zentrale
Depicts the struggle and destruction of the German U-Boat Force of the Second World War. - Feb 4, 2009

History of the Royal Danish Navy since 1801 - Oct 11, 2005
Ahoy - Mac's Web Log
Dedicated to the men who put to sea in ships of World War 2, in whatever capacity they may have served, but especially to the Eighty Four Officers and Men who died in H.M.A.S. Canberra at the Battle of Savo Island. - Oct 12, 2005
Submarine Sailor
Find your old shipmates and information on your boat. Use the "shipmate finder" database to find an old shipmate. - Oct 14, 2005
Sharkhunters International
The Official Publication of the History of the U-Bootwaffe with additional information about the submarines of the Allied and Axis nations during World War Two. - Apr 18, 2006
Imperial Japanese Navy Page
Contains photos, statistics, background, and links, including aircraft carriers, battleships, heavy and light cruisers, and submarines of the Imperial Japanese Navy. - Oct 23, 2005
U Boat War 1939-1943
Describes the history of the U Boat War from 1939-1943, including photos and other prominent events. - Oct 30, 2005
U-Boats of the Reich
Features the history of German U-boats, including technical information, flotillas, the commanders, combat history and photos. - Oct 1, 2007
Torpedo Junction Military Books
Specializing in Submarine and U-Boat books from the earliest generation to the modern nuclear submarines of today, including an inventory of rare and out of print military books. - Dec 19, 2005
Capture of the U-505
First person account of the capture of the U-505 Submarine in 1944. - Jul 31, 2005
The Sinking of the Junyo Maru
Information on this ship which was torpedoed by the British submarine H.M.S Tradewind with 2300 Dutch, British, American and Australian POWs and 4200 Javanese slave labourers aboard. - Aug 1, 2005
Devoted to the legendary German battleship Bismarck. It includes the operational history of the ship, technical data, graphical drawings, crew information, models, books, and much more. - Sep 23, 2005

U-995 German Type VIIC U-Boat

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